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Don't just take our word for it -- be sure to read through our customer testimonials, some of them from our repeat customers, and you'll see why we are consider among the best in the custom home building business!

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‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ has built three homes for us: in 1972, 2000, and 2005.  There are two main reasons.  One is the high quality of the building materials and the other is the price – when you first sign the contract for them to build that is the price you will pay.  Any changes you make are documented and agreed upon and you always know exactly where you are. They worked with us to develop just the house plan we desired, and were agreeable to any changes we wanted to make.  We are proud of the homes they have built.
R.M.  Westbrook, MN

"I was very pleased with the representative who told me about 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN'. He really was a joy to work with-showing patience and understanding to me-a first time home builder. He was very helpful in the designing of my home and always available to answer questions and help out with all the ‘bugs’. I am very impressed by the construction of my home. The builders worked long hours and weekends to complete the job quickly, but never compromising quality. All the people at 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' were friendly and timely. I would recommend 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' to anyone, without a doubt nor reservation."
T.B., Pender, NE

"Looking through a magazine one evening, I saw a house plan which was from 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN'. I called them the next day and made an appointment with their coordination manager. What a great help he was. He drew up a plan, and we decided that was the one we wanted. All the material was of high quality and the construction went real fast. I surely recommend 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' to build your home. On December 9th, we moved into our ‘dream home’ and we just love it."
D.L., LeSueur, MN

“We had ideas of what we wanted in our house and ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ incorporated the ideas into blueprints.  We liked the package deal.  The sheathing is all plywood.  We have a beautiful home and have had many compliments.  We would recommend them to others.”
A.B. New Auburn, WI

"We looked at a couple of homes built by 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN'. One question I asked was ‘would you build again with 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN’, and the answers were ‘Definitely’—my answer would be the same. When we decided to build a new home, it had to be of the finest quality brick exterior, the best lumber, the nicest interior and insulation. Competition told me it was unrealistic to build their quality home. I insisted they bid this way, so I could compare bids. The bids were about the same, but the quality was not in their bids. Particle board against plywood—panel instead of solid oak doors and cabinets, less insulation. We signed the contract the middle of September. Construction started the middle of October. It was closed in the middle of December-we moved in April. The people at 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' are good business people who know what they are doing. We don’t have any pictures; we were in a terrible storm the end of August, 90 mph winds, so all of our landscaping is not done."
I.S., Baileyville, IL 

"Our family was raised, and we were looking towards our senior years together. We lived in a cold, drafty, old home and we were looking for a contractor to build a smaller, energy-efficient home from our own floor plan. We read an ad in the local electrical co-op magazine. We investigated 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' to see that they were a legitimate company and found out they exceeded our expectations. The Architectural Department drew up the blueprints. They provided us with the best lumber and supplies, from the shingles to the doorstops. We were happy to find a company that would do as much or as little of the contracting as we wanted and still supply us with good carpenters, lumber, etc. From starting of the basement to ready-to-move in, it took 3 months. It’s been almost 3 years now in our new home. We now enjoy a custom built, well constructed and very energy-efficient home and would recommend 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN'."
L.H., Holton, KS

 "We heard about 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' from a friend. He gave them our names because he knew we were going to build a home in the near future. The first man who came to our kitchen table and drew our first house plans then worked with us to get our final plans down was very friendly and nice. I work for an electric company and see many new homes being built every day. The lumber most use is completely different then the lumber used in our 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' home. Our home is made with 3/4" tongue and groove plywood, glued and screwed down sub-flooring, 2" x 6" outer walls compared to 2" x 4" walls on other houses which makes ours stronger. Our sheathing is 1/2 inch plywood instead of pressed wood. We feel we have good windows and doors. The siding they used was lap siding, any color you would like, which looks great – no nails showing and no pressed wood siding with nails not covered, which would have to be painted every few years. Our carpenters were two super men who helped us a lot. They did an excellent job on the construction of our dream home. They worked every day possible to get our house done so we could get moved in. We really appreciated them doing a superb job from the start to the finish of our home. We enjoyed working with them on a daily basis for nearly 6 months. They made building our home an exciting and joyful time for us. We lived in a mobile home just 400 feet from the construction of our new home so we were there at the site daily, getting to see every step of our new home completed. When we had any questions, we just called the 800 number 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' provided to us. The price of the home was fair for the quality of products used to construct it. The materials and workmanship were of high quality. We could have built a cheaper home but would have had to cut down on the quality of the lumber and materials used to build our home, and we wanted a home that would last us a lifetime. We feel that we have a strong, well-built home worth the money we paid to get it."
L.A., Gower, MO

"Gary and I don’t remember how we found 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN'. We are so glad we did though! The house is beautiful! We were in awe on how quickly the home went up. Gary has been so impressed with the grade of lumber you gave us and with the carpenters and the great job they did! Kathy was impressed on how they cleaned up behind themselves!! The cupboards and doors were delivered a week ago and we were very pleased with the grade of material. Our French doors were beautiful! We are so pleased with 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' and would recommend them to everyone."
G.S., Doniphan, NE 

"We chose A HOME OF YOUR OWN after checking price and quality of construction of other homes they had built in our area. We couldn’t be happier with our home – it’s wonderful! People who visit our home always comment favorably. The construction crews are first rate. The entire project went so smoothly, and just as timely as our carpenter had expected. Thank you 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN'. We would recommend you to anyone thinking about building a home…and have."
K.F., North Platte, NE 

"When my husband and I decided to build a home we did quite a lot of research on different home builders. We wanted a quality home that would be built on site, be flexible to the floor plan that we wanted, and to especially have a set price with NO SURPRISES. We had a budget we needed to stay within and could not afford a 10% to 20% overrun on construction costs. We accomplished these goals with 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN'. Our final payment to 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' was as agreed upon in our original contract, right down to the last penny. Our home is very well insulated and built with quality materials by competent builders. We found the people at 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN'   to be very professional and accommodating to our needs, and they did what they said they would do – NO SURPRISES! Best of all, our home was appraised well above our construction costs. We would sincerely recommend 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN' to anyone building a new home, and have recommended them to our friends and neighbors. We finally have our dream home and wish you all the best of success in yours."
M.R., Tribune, KS

“We liked the professionalism of the company.  Having a contract, so there were no surprises on cost.  All people were very good, salesman, etc.   We were treated with courtesy at all times.  Office people were always willing to help and without question.  Excellent construction-visitors to our house have commented.  We would recommend ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ to people.  If we were to build again, ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ would be our first choice. Thanks!”
RP, Scarville, IA 

“We felt ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ would be a great contractor and we felt that they treated us very well and were willing to deal with our needs.   The contractor was a super guy to work with.  He gave us ideas that we didn’t even think about.  We will recommend ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ to others.  We have had a lot of compliments on how well everything has turned out and on how well the construction has been done. We will love our home forever; the site that home is on is awesome too!”
DG, Cleveland, MN 

“Recently saw your ad in a local paper and now it was time to write and tell you how pleased we are with our home.  It was about seven or eight years ago that we contracted to have you build our homes-now our retirement home.  We are so happy with it.  During these sub-zero days, we enjoy the warmth of the tight windows, the thick walls, etc.   As is said ‘snug as bug in a rug.’    We chose electric heat, our bills our low; a savings we’ve not known before.  This is a note of appreciation.  We would recommend your company to anyone considering building.  Thank you.”
RC, Plattsmouth, NE 

“We chose ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ because we thought it would be helpful to let someone else look into all the supplies and contractors.  We feel the construction and quality of materials used was good. We always had good cooperation and there was always someone to talk to whenever we had questions.   We have a beautiful new home and are enjoying it a lot.”
NM, Farnhamville, IA 

“A HOME OF YOUR OWN’s building materials, doors and woodwork was excellent quality.  Our representative was willing to draw up house plans the way we wanted them.  He did an excellent job in helping us select location and size of windows.  He was willing to show us a house ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ had built.   We appreciated the flexibility ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ provided in letting us specify our preference in contractors.   We like the way the entire house is insulated.  This makes the home very economical to heat.  We have a very warm, comfortable home, which we enjoy very much.”
RD, Arlington, MN 

“We were impressed by ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’s workmanship and quality of materials.  There were no unpleasant surprises and the project went extremely well.  They did a great job and I recommend them very highly.”
GH, Sibley, IA

 “We felt that ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ was very helpful with the many decisions that are to be made.  They seemed very competitive in price, and we were impressed by the construction and materials.  We felt that we were respected in our opinions and would recommend to others ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’!  We love our new house.”
MG, Arnolds Park, IA

 “To all the staff at ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ we would like to thank everyone who helped in the planning and decision making regarding our new home.  It is a quality home and so beautiful-we absolutely love it.  A special thanks to the carpenters. They were great to work with.   Thanks again.”
DP, North Mankato, MN

 “This letter is being sent to express appreciation for the continued interest that you and your organization have shown to us during and after the construction of our home.  We have now finished most of the remaining projects such as landscaping, boat docks, decorative block walls, cement driveways and finishing the basement.  We are delighted with this ‘HOME OF YOUR OWN’ on Loon Lake and thoroughly enjoy entertaining relatives and friends.  The partnership and support that was demonstrated during the construction of our home was excellent.  I particularly appreciate the following items that made the experience rewarding and pleasant:

  • A general willingness to adapt construction to meet our expectations.
  • Selection of sub-contractors by ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ resulted in the selection of  ‘quality workmen’.
  • Material delivered by ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ was of excellent quality and delivered to the job site as scheduled.
  • Courteous corporate employees that provided skillful assistance during all phases of the project:  (planning, drawing, construction, finishing).
  • The project involved no financial surprises.
  • In summary, we are delighted with the final result and pleased with your performance.  We would readily recommend your organization to anyone to build a home.”

JB, Vergas, MN

 “I feel the construction of my home was very good.  The people at ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ were very nice and helpful.  I would recommend ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’.  I feel everyone ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ hired to work on my home was very good and nice to work with.”
KP, Arlington, MN 

“We checked out several builders.  Your salesman came to our home. The house was all built here, so we could see what they used.  Very good carpenters.  We would recommend your company.”
KH, New Ulm, MN

 “First of all, let me say that we have been 100% happy with the home you built for us.  Reasons for going with your company: 

  • Salesman very helpful; lots of good ideas on how we could improve our plan.
  • Staff and draftsmen at the office who drew up a fantastic set of blueprints.
  • Top quality materials and workmanship—can’t stress that enough; excellent workmen.
  • From start to finish, they stayed on the job, didn’t’ jump from one job to another.
  • The price was right; very competitive.”

HA, Curlew, IA

 “We have gotten information about ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ at a home show in St. Paul, Minnesota.  We had also talked to a couple in a neighboring town about their home built by ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’, and they were very satisfied customers.  We then decided to have our home built by them. They’ve contracted very reputable area tradesmen in our area to build our home.  Also, ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ was very prompt and courteous people to work with.  Any questions were always answered and followed up by letter of correspondence.  We would highly recommend ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ to others, for we too are satisfied customers.”
RF, Dodge Center, MN

 “We saw your ad in a farm magazine three years before we decided to build.  In that time, they only contacted us once a year and sent us plans each time.  After meeting their contact person, we were very impressed with his knowledge.  What decided us to build with ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ was seeing a house framed by their carpenter, the price, 2 x 6 walls, all plywood sheathing and sub-floor, name brand windows and cabinets.  The contractors were always coming-as soon as one was done, the next step was on the way.  If we were to ever build another home, we would definitely give ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ a call.   It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”
RV, Malvern, IA

"After evaluating a number of local Kansas builders, in 2007, we selected ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ for our lakeside vacation home.  We wanted green construction techniques, and high quality components, for a super energy efficient home -- easy to cool in summer and able to be heated solely by fireplace in the winter.  Despite unusually wet spring weather during the build, ‘A HOME OF YOUR OWN’ executed beyond our expectations.   Our lake home is uniquely our design and everything we dreamed it would be.   Best of all, there were no unforeseen “change orders” and it was delivered for the price as originally agreed in the contract."
M.U., Lake Pomona, KS

"In 1985, my father and I built a lake home with 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN', because of their use of the best quality materials, their use of more material for strength, than what is considered acceptable by other builders, and their value in the bottom line price. Again, in late 1998, I am building another lake home with 'A HOME OF YOUR OWN', because of the same reasons! I am a repeat customer!"
L.P., Minneapolis, MN


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